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99-year-old woman breaks world record for oldest flight instructor and pilot

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(Photo: CNN Newsource)

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (SBG) – One California woman set a record that is just plane awesome.

Robina Asti taught her final flight lesson Sunday in Riverside, California, according to CNN, cementing her status as the world's oldest flight instructor and pilot.

"I love getting people to experience what it is like to lift off this earth," said Asti. "It is so good!"

The 99-year-old has been teaching for decades and has never gotten sick of it, CNN reports, and her students appreciate the wealth of knowledge she brings to the table.

"She taught me a few things that I haven't learned in well over 1,000 hours," said student Brandon Martini, "and it was kind of neat getting a new perspective from someone who has been flying so long."

The world record was previously held by a 98-year-old man from Iowa.