This reporter responded directly to a heckler and it's going viral

Michelle Zhu is a reporter for WACH FOX 57 in South Carolina (WACH FOX 57)

WASHINGTON (SBG) -- Michelle Zhu was filing a report when a random heckler yelled out towards her shouting "I want to be on the news."

Zhu, a reporter for WACH FOX 57, responded to the two males walking past her asking "Do you want to be on the news? Do you actually want to be on the news? What do you want to talk about?"

One of the males responded saying, "I feel like this isn't fair because I feel like you're just a student." Zhu would later go on to tell the duo, "Seriously, if you want to weigh in on a certain topic, I'd love to hear your thoughts." The duo eventually walked away with no thoughts of the news.

A Twitter user who says he was one of the individuals in this video apologized for his friend's actions.

The clip of Zhu responding to a heckler has gone viral on Twitter with over 142,000 views and over 4,000 likes. Zhu, who goes under the name of @MichelleZhuWACH on Twitter, wrote "If you try to interrupt me while I'm working with a constant 'I wanna be on the news! Can I be on the news? Lemme be on the news', I will turn around and let you know I'm serious, that I'm not a student. Then you'll have nothing to say and I'll let you be on your way. That is all."

The reporter is receiving lots of support from fellow journalists, including some who say they've had similar experiences.