Ryan Seacrest insists he didn't have a stroke after fans raised concerns

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Ryan Seacrest's rep insists the host did not have a stroke and is just under stress. (Photo: CNN, Pool via CNN Newsource)

WASHINGTON (SBG) —America can relax. Ryan Seacrest is just fine, sources say.

Fans started speculating Sunday night that the radio personality had a stroke during the "American Idol" finale.

Seacrest was hosting the show from home; something Seacrest's representative said has been a stressful adjustment.

At one point during the show, his right eye appeared droopy and he seemed to slur his speech. While he was back to normal by the end of the show, fans worried he may have had a medical emergency.

Those fears were heightened Monday morning when he didn't appear on "Live with Kelly and Ryan."

According to his representative, Seacrest simply took "a well-deserved day off."